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Articles and announcements for drivers from our tax experts

Trucker Per Diem Rules Simply Explained

Our tax experts jotted down some common Trucker Per Diem questions that our drivers have asked us. Read below or download our Trucker Per Diem Rules Simplified with our "Will Per Diem Benefit Me?" worksheet. What is per diem? A per day travel expense allowance....

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Year-end Tax Saving Tips

First, and foremost, you want to make sure you have all expense receipts and documentation needed for any expenses you will be deducting on your tax return for 2016, especially major expense items like per diem and fuel.  For your per diem expenses, be sure you have...

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Who will own ELD data?

A Catch 22 For Drivers Drivers currently retain ownership of their paper logbooks to comply with the IRS income tax regulations. Now that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has upheld the ELD mandate and ruled that the FMCSA has satisfied the objections...

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Do home loan lenders understand trucker per diem?

Do home loan lenders understand how trucker per diem works, that is the question. Background:  An employee truck driver was recently denied a zero-down VA home loan.  The reasoning?  Because he claimed per diem on his taxes at the end of the year and his income was...

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