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Designed by drivers. Built by tax pros. Our per diem software applications and services offer mobility and intuitive business processes to the trucking industry, for motor carriers, drivers and owner operators.

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Per Diem Plus App Highlights

Per Diem Plus - Automated Per Diem tracking from your mobile device

Automated Trip Tracking

How do you use Per Diem Plus? Select "Set Auto-Trip" or simply start driving. Unlike E-LOGs and other Big Brother tech, the our trucker per diem app features simple, once-a-trip, auto-activation and deactivation when you are 25 straight line miles from your tax home. The app will automatically calculate per diem for each day you are away from home without further input from you. What about unforeseen delays like detention or even the 34 hour restart? PDP posts the Total Miles Traveled Exception alert if you do not travel 50 air-miles from your last location. Simply confirm the alert to receive per diem for that day.
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"In over 20 years of driving, Per Diem Plus is the smartest thing I have ever seen."

– Tracy G.

Trucker Expense Tracking

The app features robust expense tracking and receipt scanning tools in an easy-to-use, intuitive design to simplify your life, save you money and keep the IRS off your back. Easily scan, record and categorize expense receipts with your device and ditch the trips to the post office or searching for a fax machine. Best of all, expense records and receipts are retained and accessible to users for 4 years on Per Diem Plus's secure cloud servers.
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Per Diem Plus - Easily track trucker expenses in the mobile app

"“I started using this app beginning January 2016. I’m loving it on my Nexus 6p! Excellent customer support that answers my questions they are extremely helpful.”"

– Ken S.

Per Diem Plus - Send reporting directly to your accountant from your mobile device

Make Your Accountant Love You

Our detailed reports are accountant-friendly. They will love the auto-formatted, detailed spreadsheets and crystal clear receipt images. No more lost, faded or crumpled receipts! Per Diem Plus was designed to simply your life, save you time and money , maximize your tax deductions and keep the IRS off your back.
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