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Trucker Per Diem Tracking & Reporting

Per Diem Plus is an IRS-compliant, mobile-enabled platform that automates tracking and administration of per diem and travel expenses for owner-operators, fleet managers and employee drivers. 
Per Diem Plus - Automated per diem reporting for truckers and fleets

Technology for Professional Drivers

The Per Diem Plus platform revolutionizes the per diem tracking experience for truck drivers and fleets with its seamless, once-a-trip auto-activation and deactivation feature.

The secure cloud storage of per diem data, expense records and receipts for four years provides a technologically advanced solution for streamlined operations and IRS compliance.
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Per Diem Plus for Fleets

Per Diem Plus stands out as a game-changer for fleets, placing a spotlight on streamlined per diem management and accounting efficiency. 

The platform's automated tracking and intuitive design alleviate the burden of manual input, ensuring fleets save time and resources. 

Per Diem Plus not only simplifies accounting processes but also enhances overall tax compliance, making it an indispensable asset for fleets seeking an optimized per diem solution.

Per Diem Plus for Drivers

Designed by drivers. Built by tax pros.

With Per Diem Plus, the days of calendars, manual calculations and ELD backups are long gone. Our automated system ensures that per diem tracking is a breeze. 

Self-employed drivers can focus on running their business, not complex recordkeeping. It's accuracy without the effort.

Why Per Diem Plus?

Unlock unparalleled benefits for drivers and fleets with Per Diem Plus, the ultimate solution for streamlined per diem management. 

Experience a game-changing platform designed for efficiency, saving both time and resources. 

Elevate your per diem management and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an optimized solution – choose Per Diem Plus for a smarter, more efficient journey.

IRS Tax Code Compliant

Per Diem Plus® is the only mobile-enable, IRS-compliant replacement for ELD backups to substantiate trucker per diem. The app applies IRS-established Special Transportation Industry per diem rules for travel in the USA and Canada for solo and team drivers. 

Fully Automated

You have more important things to do than “play with an app”. We automatically track each qualifying day and partial day of travel away from home and create itemized per diem and expense reports whenever you want them.

GPS Based Tracking

Per Diem Plus® utilizes an ELD gateway or mobile device’s GPS to establish IRS-required “time, date and place” substantiation to prove away-from-home travel.


Drivers have logged millions of miles using Per Diem Plus®! Join those that value their time, love to eliminate paperwork, and want to simplify tax returns and save money.

Per Diem Plus for Drivers App Highlights

Per Diem Plus for Professional Drivers

Easy Setup

Create your profile and within minutes Per Diem Plus® can be working for you. Tell Per Diem Plus where you park your truck and it does the rest.

Automated Per Diem Tracking

Say “Goodbye” to ELD backups! Per Diem Plus® Trip function will let you know if you earned Per Diem and why.

Expense and Per Diem Reporting

Send itemized, IRS-compliant per diem and expense reports with receipts in seconds right from your phone.
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