PDP For Fleets - 3 Months Free

Mobile Per Diem Platform for Driver & Fleet Management

With Per Diem Plus, you're not just getting a tool; you're getting a solution that transforms your fleet per diem management process. Say goodbye to the tedious and hello to the efficient. Make the smart choice today and experience the difference that automation can make.
Per Diem Plus for Fleets

Save approximately $3,000 per driver

$3,000 Savings/Driver

Reduce employment, income taxes and workers compensation up to $3,000 per driver

Increase Drivers Pay Tax Free!

Increase Drive Pay

Raise driver pay tax-free by 2.8 - 4 cents per mile

Fully Operational In As Little As 1 Day

Fast Implentation

Fully implement our fleet solution in 1 Day

37% more per diem savings than cent-per-mile

1 for 8

Save $1 for every $8 of per diem paid to drivers vs. cent-per-mile programs.

What Per Diem Plus Can Do For Fleets

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Streamlined Per Diem Tracking

Our automated system ensures that per diem tracking is a breeze. Fleet managers can focus on running the business, not complex recordkeeping. It's accuracy without effort.

Effortless Payroll Reporting

Our platform was designed to streamline per diem accounting. It's fast, accurate, and reduces the administrative burden on your accounting professionals.

Real-Time Compliance

Our automation does not stop there. We keep you in compliance with the latest IRS regulations in real-time.

The Power of Time

By automating per diem tracking and reporting, we give you the gift of time.
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Arka Express
“The API was quick and easy to set up and run, which was a significant factor in our choosing Per Diem Plus for Samsara.”

Art Astrauskas, President
Arka Express

Intercity Lines, Inc
“Per Diem Plus has a per diem solution regardless of what you use to track Hours of Service, while others offer limited solutions with limited partners”

Dean Wilson, Vice President
Intercity Lines

Patriot Transport
“The Per Diem Plus  automated per diem tax compliance solution enabled Patriot staff to avoid the increased administrative burdens commonly associated with traditional trucker per diem programs”

April Stobbs, HR Manager
Patriot Transportation

Reliable Transport Per Diem Program -
“Partnering with Per Diem Plus provided us a turn-key solution configured to meet the needs of our fleet and offer this benefit to our drivers who love our new per diem app.”

Nick A., Controller
Reliable Carriers, Inc.

Sibic Trucking
“5-stars. The drivers especially appreciate the quick response when they contact the Driver Support Team.”

SIBIC Trucking

Mido's Trucking
Nick A Controller - Case Study
"Partnering with Per Diem Plus provided us a turn-key solution configured to meet the needs of our fleet and offer this benefit to our drivers"

Nick A, Controller 

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