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300 Million+

Miles Driven

Our drivers work hard!  We love helping them track and report the per diem they've earned.
5+ Years

Reports Accepted by IRS

We have been providing IRS compliance per diem reporting without issues.
$100 Million +

Per Diem Claimed 

Helping our drivers substantiate and claim their daily per diem is what we are all about.

Our Story

Per Diem Plus was born over our 30 years of experience as agents and tax practitioners and a relentless pursuit to introduce efficiency to the time consuming task of tax compliance for truck drivers and their accounting professionals.

Our Mission

Create an easy to use, intuitive mobile application that;

  • Automatically calculates per diem and eliminates the need to retain paper logs and/or e-log back ups to prove overnight travel
  • Eliminates paper receipts
  • Records trucker-specific travel-related and operating expenses
  • Easily creates accountant-friendly, detailed reports that automatically total per diem and expense by category
  • Made the per diem, receipts and expense information easily accessible to users for four (4) years
Ken Saylor - Per Diem Plus - Testimonial
“I started using this app beginning January 2016. I’m loving it on my Nexus 6p! Excellent customer support that answers my questions they are extremely helpful.”

Ken Saylor

Professional Driver

Meet the Team

Donna Sullivan, CPA

Donna Sullivan, CPA

Donna is our leader and has over her 30 years experience in civil and criminal tax accounting and IRS representation and forensic accounting. Donna is a CPA and even spent time as a Special Enforcement Program Revenue Agent with the IRS!
John Stefek

John Stefek

Director of Client Experience
John leads the client experience function which includes new customer acquisition and product engagement. He has over 20 years of Digital sales and marketing experience with Monster.com and two global financial services companies.
Kevin Hiser - Per Diem Plus CTO

Kevin Hiser

Kevin is the definition of a “Swiss Army Knife” type of person. Over his 20+ years of experience, he has been a dynamic sales and leadership professional, intrapreneur, entrepreneur, and startup advisor to hundreds of companies around the globe. He has also helped launch over 55+ new businesses.
Per Diem Plus - Kipp Abbott Project Manager

Kipp Abbott

Project and Creative Management
Kipp is our “get it done” man. Kipp has over 15 years of software project management and keeps us on target to hit our release dates.
Per Diem Plus - Paul Sabatino - Lead Software Architect

Paul Sabatino

Software Architect
Paul is a master software artisan and is responsible for everything that goes on “under the interface” of the app. Paul has over 20 years of software development experience and is key to our ability to deliver a high quality experience to our customers.
Dave Altman - Systems Administration

Dave Altman

Systems Administration
Dave not only has the longest beard in our office, but is the man responsible for keeping our servers up and running like a well oiled machine. His 20+ years of system administration experience ensures our customers can sleep well at night knowing that their data is secure.

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