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Technology for Professional Drivers

Designed by drivers. Built by tax pros. Available on TRUCKSTOP!  With Per Diem Plus, the days of manual calculations and paperwork are long gone. Our automated system ensures that per diem tracking is a breeze.


Truckstop - Per Diem Plus Partner
TRUCKSTOP has transformed from a basic load board into a comprehensive hub for the freight journey. They provide end-to-end software solutions, from load matching to payment, tailored to the ever-evolving logistics sector. 

Recognizing their dedication to innovation and excellence, we at Per Diem Plus partnered with TRUCKSTOP to introduce our specialized per diem solution, ensuring their drivers, owner-operators, and other stakeholders have access to the best tools for financial efficiency on the road.

Per Diem Plus App Highlights

Per Diem Plus - Automated Per Diem tracking from your mobile device

Automated Trip Tracking

Unlock the power of Per Diem Plus effortlessly! Forget complicated E-LOG backups – our trucker per diem app takes simplicity to the next level. Just hit "Set Auto-Trip" or hit the road, and watch the magic unfold. No need to worry about constant activations – our app intelligently auto-activates and deactivates, kicking in when you're 25 straight line miles from your tax home.

Say goodbye to manual input – our app does the heavy lifting for you. Each day you're away, it automatically calculates your per diem without bothering you for additional details. And what about those unexpected delays or the 34-hour restart? We've got you covered. PDP automatically records per diem for unforeseen delays, like weather, breakdowns and HOS restarts. Per Diem Plus – making your journey smoother and your wallet happier!
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"In over 20 years of driving, Per Diem Plus is the smartest thing I have ever seen."
– Tracy G.

Trucker Expense Tracking

Experience unparalleled ease and efficiency with our app! Boasting robust expense tracking and receipt scanning tools, it's designed for simplicity and convenience. Simplify your life, save money, and keep the IRS at bay effortlessly.

Say goodbye to tedious tasks – easily scan, record, and categorize expense receipts directly on your device. No more trips to the post office or searching for a fax machine. Our intuitive design streamlines the process, putting you in control of your expenses with just a few taps.

The best part? Your expense records and receipts are securely stored on Per Diem Plus's cloud servers for four years. Accessible at your fingertips, this feature ensures your financial data is readily available whenever you need it, providing peace of mind and maximum efficiency. Simplify, save, and secure with Per Diem Plus.
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Per Diem Plus - Easily track trucker expenses in the mobile app
"“I started using this app beginning January 2016. I’m loving it on my Nexus 6p! Excellent customer support that answers my questions they are extremely helpful.”"
– Ken S.
Per Diem Plus - Send reporting directly to your accountant from your mobile device

Make Your Accountant Love You

Experience efficiency and time savings tailored for accountants with our detailed reports! Embrace the joy of auto-formatted, detailed spreadsheets and crystal-clear receipt images that accountants will adore. Bid farewell to the hassles of lost, faded, or crumpled receipts – Per Diem Plus is your solution.

Designed with your convenience in mind, Per Diem Plus is a game-changer. Simplify your life and save valuable time and money as you effortlessly maximize tax deductions. Our platform is not just about streamlining processes; it's a commitment to ensuring your financial records are in top-notch shape, keeping the IRS at bay. Trust Per Diem Plus for an efficient, time-saving, and accountant-friendly solution that elevates your financial management experience.
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