PDP For Fleets - 3 Months Free

Per Diem for Transflo

Per Diem Plus FLEETS is a mobile application platform designed for fleets large and small that automates administration of an IRS-compliant per diem plan managed through Per Diem Plus web services. 

Save approximately $3,000 per driver

$3,000 Savings/Driver

Reduce employment, income taxes and workers compensation up to $3,000 per driver

Increase Drivers Pay Tax Free!

Increase Drive Pay

Raise driver pay tax-free by 2.8 - 4 cents per mile

Fully Operational In Only 21 Days 

Fast Implentation

Fully implement our fleet solution on iOS & Android in 21 days

37% more per diem savings than cent-per-mile

1 for 8

Save $1 for every $8 of per diem paid to drivers vs. cent-per-mile programs.

What Per Diem Plus Can Do For Fleets

Watch VideoView Pricing Plans

Easy Setup

Web services interface that allows non-technical users to manage individual and team drivers operating both ELD-exempt and non-exempt vehicles.


Whether 5 or 5000 trucks, our secure cloud-based platform will meet the growing needs of your fleet.

Easy To Use

An IRS-compliant mobile application platform that allows for rapid deployment with minimal investment in dollars and/or IT resources.

Data Plan Friendly

An average driver on the road for 25 days will use less than 100MB per month. 

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Nick A Controller - Case Study
"Partnering with Per Diem Plus provided us a turn-key solution configured to meet the needs of our fleet and offer this benefit to our drivers"

Nick A, Controller 

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