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Fleet Per Diem Benefit Calculator

See What Per Diem Plus Can Do For Your Fleet

Our fleets average over $3,000/driver per year in tax savings while being able to increase driver pay. Use our Per Diem Benefit Calculator to project the savings our substantiated per diem mobile application platform can provide your company.
Savings Calculator

Save Approximately $3,000 Per Driver

Reduce employment, income taxes and workers comp up to $3,000 per driver

Fully Operational In 1 Day 

Fully implement our fleet API solution in one day.

Increase Driver Pay Tax Free

Raise driver pay tax-free by 2.8 - 4 cents per mile

37% Per Diem Savings VS. Cent-Per-Mile

Save $1 for every $8 of per diem paid to drivers vs. cent-per-mile programs.

Fleet Per Diem Savings Calcualtor

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