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July 26, 2021

Record Your First Expense with a Receipt

Mark Sullivan- Per Diem Plus
Mark W. Sullivan, EA
Mark is our transportation industry expert and has over a decade of experience advising clients on IRS accountable per diem programs. 

Per Diem Plus was designed by tax pro's to make trucker expense tracking easy! Follow these simple steps to record your first expense:

  1. Select the EXPENSES tab
  2. ANDROID: Tap the "Add Expenses" button; iOS: Tap the "+" sign upper righthand corner of the screen
  3. Choose the Date
  4. Enter the dollar amount of the expense
  5. Select the Expense Type from the list
  6. Select "Take Photo of Receipt" or select a photo from your gallery
  7. Tap SAVE to record the expense

Tip 1: Receipts images are stored on the PDP cloud servers for 4 years

Tip 2: You can delete receipt photos after saving an expense to free up memory / storage on your device.

Still have questions? Support@perdiemplus.com or (314) 488) 1919

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Proud To Be American
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