Taxpayers have the right to pay only the amount of tax legally due. The following is an example of items a trucker may claim to maximize deductions and minimize their income tax bill.

Other Taxes:
State Income or Sales Taxes, Real & Personal Property Taxes

Real Estate:
Mortgage Interest, Mortgage Insurance (PMI) [if qualified on F1098]

Per Diem:
Daily meals & incidental expenses allowance

Unreimbursed Hotel Expenses

Communications Devices/Fees:
Cellular/wireless fees paid, Access Fees (i.e.: Internet, Satellite radio (XM-Sirius) and Television for road conditions, weather, “heads-up” detour announcements, and other safety and security purposes)

“Lot Lizard Repellents” and Criminal Behavior Deterrents:
Alarms & Sirens, Illumination Devices (lights), Surveillance (audio-visual) Systems

Safety & Security Devices:
GPS Systems & Updates, Air Fans, Boots (steel-toed), Boots (hazmat or rubber), ”Bungee” Cords/Tie Downs, Cab Curtains, Duct Tape, Flags & Flares, Flashlights & Batteries, Hardhat & Hazmat Devices, Jack Straps, Load Chains & Locks

Administrative Dues & Subscriptions:
OOIDA, Per Diem Plus

Clerical Operations:
Briefcase, Calculator, Computer Accessories, Copies/Reproduction of Documents, E-Mailing Fees, Faxing Fees Paid, Postage & Shipping

Regulatory Licensing & Costs:
Access Card/Permit Fees (i.e.: Includes access costs to military bases, shipping ports, etc.), CDL Licensing-Related Costs/Fees, DOT Physicals Fees & Costs, Log Books (paper & covers), Log Book-Related Software, Scales & Weighing Fees, Tolls

“Supplies” Categories (Personal Hygiene Supplies on Tractor):
Bed rolls. pillows & sheets, Cleaning & Sanitation Supplies, First Aid Kit & Accessories, Laundry Bag & Detergent

The above is provide for informational purposes and should not be construed as rendering tax advice. Every individual’s tax situation is unique, please consult with a licensed tax professional.

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