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Per Diem Plus requires privacy to be set to "Always", which allows the app to track per diem without requiring you to open the app.

Google Android and Apple iOS may automatically change the Privacy Setting for Per Diem Plus shortly after you installed the app or an OS software update on your device.  This permission change prevents the app from tracking per diem passively.

Google Android

  • Open Android Settings>Privacy
  • Select Permission Manager
  • Select Location>Per Diem Plus
  • Set app to "Allowed All The Time"

Motorola Devices

  • Swipe up on your device home screen to view installed apps
  • Select Settings>Security & Location
  • Select Location>App-Level Permissions
  • Select Per Diem Plus>Set to "Allow all the time"

Apple iOS

  • Open Settings>Privacy
  • Select Location Services
  • Confirm Location Services are ON
  • Select Per Diem Plus or Per Diem Plus Fleets app
  • Verify "Always Allow" is checked

Apple "Focus"

When active "Focus" on iPhone blocks Per Diem Plus from receiving location data to calculate per diem. There is a simple fix for this issue:

  1. Open Settings>Focus>Do Not Disturb
  2. Select Allowed Notifications>Apps
  3. Add Per Diem Plus as an allowed app
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