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March 31, 2021

Per Diem Plus FLEETS Publishes iOS Update

Mark Sullivan- Per Diem Plus
Mark W. Sullivan, EA
Mark is our transportation industry expert and has over a decade of experience advising clients on IRS accountable per diem programs. 

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Per Diem Plus TRIP tab

Per Diem Plus Fleets releases Build 56 to resolve location services permission restrictions imposed with OS 14.

What's new? The app will post a notification alerting an iOS user that location services permissions were changed by iOS and instructing the user to reset permissions to "Always Allow".

Why was this needed? Per Diem Plus was designed to run passively in the background to determine IRS-required "time, date and location" for per diem. However, because of abuses by Big Tech, like Facebook, Apple no longer allows apps to lock Location Services with "Always Allow" during initial login and setup. As a result, iOS automatically changes the setting to "Only while using app", which prevents PDP from functioning as designed.

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