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How do I track my trip if I forgot to "Set Auto-Trip"?

Per Diem Plus - Owner Operators: The app will auto-activate 25 air-miles from your tax home and posts an audible airhorn alert

  • The app will post an audible notification asking if you are on a truck driving trip.
  • Confirm the notification at anytime - even hours after the alert triggered - and the app will record per diem data back to when you exited the tax home halo.

Per Diem Plus FLEETS:

  1.  The "Automatic on Trip" configuration eliminates the "Set Auto-Trip" feature. The app will begin tracking your trip automatically when you depart the tax home radius (i.e. 15 air-miles) defined by your company and will turn off automatically when you return home.
  2. The app will activate when you depart your company's defined tax home radius (i.e. 15 air-miles) from your tax home and posts an audible airhorn alert. Confirm the alert anytime, but not while you are driving.


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