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How much per diem will I receive?

The special trucker per diem rate is:

  • USA $69 / day for each FULL day you are away from home (Exit the tax home halo BEFORE noon or enter the tax home halo AFTER noon).
  • Canada $74 / day

A partial day is 3/4 of the per diem rate:

  • USA $51.75 for each PARTIAL day you are away from home (Exit the tax home halo AFTER noon or enter the tax home halo BEFORE noon).
  • Canada $55.50

Note: Per Diem Plus automatically updates the per diem rate in the app on January 1st when required by law.

Do I have to spend all the per diem?
No. This is the maximum amount the IRS will let you claim on your tax return.

Who can claim trucker per diem?

  • Self-employed truckers who are subject to DOT HOS,
  • Who travel away from home overnight where sleep or rest is required, and
  • Do not start and end a trip at home on the same DOT HOS 14-hour work day.

What qualifies as a tax home?

  • Where you park your truck. Your regular place of business, or home in a real and substantial sense.

If I live in my truck can I claim per diem?

  • No. A taxpayer who’s constantly in motion is a "tax turtle," or someone with no fixed residence who carries their “home” with them.
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