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July 18, 2023


Mark Sullivan- Per Diem Plus
Mark W. Sullivan, EA
Mark is our transportation industry expert and has nearly two decades of experience advising clients on IRS accountable per diem programs. 

Select 1 Group Holdings selects Per Diem Plus API for Samsara

Michigan-based specialty auto transporter Select 1 Group selects Per Diem Plus API for Samsara to raise driver pay and improve operational efficiency of its 70-vehicle fleet.

Per Diem Plus® Fleets is a configurable mobile application enterprise platform that automates administration of an IRS-compliant accountable per diem plan for truck drivers and fleets managers operating in the USA and Canada. The Per Diem Plus API integration utilizes the Samsara GPS gateway to establish IRS-required “time, date and place” substantiation to prove away-from-home travel. No matter how big or small your company is, Per Diem Plus has a solution for you.


The Select 1 Group specializes in automotive transport, event transport and event logistics, in addition to creative design, production and staffing services for corporate training, marketing and events of all types

What Customer Needed:

  • An IRS-compliant mobile application platform solution that would allow for rapid deployment with minimal investment in dollars and IT resources
  • A web services dashboard that would be easy-to-use for non-technical users
  • A scalable,  secure, cloud-based solution to meet the growing needs of their fleet
  • Automated administration of a company-paid accountable per diem program

Use our Fleet Per Diem Benefit Calculator to learn how much your fleet can save with Per Diem Plus.

Get in touch with the experts at Per Diem Plus today to discuss a smooth rollout for your system.

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About Per Diem Plus

Per Diem Plus is a proprietary software application that was designed by truckers and built by tax pros. It is the only IRS-compliant, GPS-integrated and mobile-enabled application for iOS and Android that automatically tracks each qualifying day of travel in the USA & Canada and replaces ELD backups (logbooks) to substantiate away-from-home travel.

About Samsara

Samsara is the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, which allows businesses that depend on physical operations to harness IoT (Internet of Things) data to develop actionable business insights and improve their operations. Samsara operates in North America and Europe and serves tens of thousands of customers across a wide range of industries including transportation, wholesale and retail trade, construction, field services, logistics, utilities and energy, government, healthcare and education, manufacturing, and food and beverage. The company's mission is to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy at www.samsara.com.

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